Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lagu Amino Acid Properties :)

Untuk sesiapa yang study subjek Biokimia a.k.a Biochemistry,mesti ada yang tengah serabut kepala nak serapkan segala structure dan segala mak nenek tentang amino acid dalam ingatan anda,jadi, sempena final exam utk Biochem yang akan tiba tak lama lagi ni,ada satu lagu untuk membantu kita ingat secara mudah,InsyaAllah (^_^)

Lagu Amino Acid ni ada melody nya,diambil dari muzik country song Beverly Hillbillies, play video ni dulu,baru dapat ilham skit nak nyanyi lagu ni macamana,(lirik ade dekat bawah video)...hihi...enjoy urself!

Amino Acid Properties's Song
Come an' listen to my story about the a-mi-nos
Five Al-i-phats kick off our show
Glycine, Alanine, Valine and then
Leucine and Iso make up half of ten
Well the next thing you know are three aromats
phenylalanine(F) is right off the bat
tYrosine has alcohol next to its ring
And tryptophan(W) has indole double ring thing.
Sulfur in Cysteine; it loves to bond
Sulfur Methionine is much more a snob
Alcoholic Serine, well wouldn't you know,
And Threonine's OH gives a warm glow.
Acid-aspartic(D) and glutamic(E) are ionized
With pK of 4, their protons are lysed,
asparagine(N) and glutamine(Q) play a different role
With amides they're neutral but they both have poles 
lysine(K) and aRginine are the basic kind,
But Histidine's imidazole can't make up its mind,
Proline, the last one, coming at the end
It's imine, an oddball, proteins use to bend.
p/s: study bagi habis dulu topic proteins,baru senang faham lagu ni ;)

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