Friday, February 8, 2013

Jalan-jalan ke Kilang Teh BOH

Perjalanan dimulakan dari Desa Anthurium Apartment Cameron Highlands, di suatu pagi yang sangat sejukkkk!! 

Untuk sampai ke kilang teh BOH Sg. Palas, kena mendaki dulu, ladang teh ni sangat cantik, sejuk mata memandang, seolah-olah rasa berada di dunia lain, aman dan nyaman, subhanAllah :)

Jom mendaki lagi, hehe...seronok mendaki dalam suhu yang sejuk, selesa sangat, ;)

dah sampai atas! :)

info & facts tentang kilang ni
sebelum masuk dengar briefing dulu tentang overall procedure dalam kilang :)

-BOH Tea Production-

1st Stage: Withering
  • The green leaves are spread in troughs with perforated beds through which air is blown powerful fans
  • The aim is to reduce the moisture content of the leaves by about 40% to 50% and render the leaves flaccid
  • The process stimulates natural chemical reaction within the leaves, which is vital for product quality
  • The withering process takes place overnight

2nd Stage: Rolling
  • The rollers used at this factory date back to 1935
  • These machines twist and break the withered leaves, distorting and rupturing the internal cells
  • Liberating and exposing its juices for fermentation

3rd Stage: Fermentation

  • Fermentation or more accurately oxidation, is a natural chemical process in which enzymes in the leaves are exposed to oxygen
  • Traditionally, the broken leaves are spread onto trays. Before fermentation, the leaves are in green in colour but at the end they turned into coppery colour.
  • The critical stage of manufacturing usually takes about 1 and a half to 2 hours, during which the characteristics flavour and aroma are developed. The process has to be carefully controlled for optimum results           

4th Stage: Drying
  • The fermented leaves are fed into machines through which is hot air is passed at temperatures nearing to 100 degrees C
  • This halts the fermentation action, reduces the moisture content to less than 3% and crystallize the juices, thus converting the leaves into its familiar crisp black form
  • The drying process is completed in approximately 20 minutes
  • To produce the hot air, the furnace uses old rubber wood branches

5th Stage: Sorting
  • After drying, the made tea is graded according to particle size by passing it through a series of vibrating sieves
  • Stalks and fibres are also extracted
  • Each grade of tea has its own density and flavour characteristics

Lepas dah tengok processing di kilang, singgah minum air teh di cafe BOH centre nie, kebetulan ada pasangan suami isteri dari Jepun di meja sebelah, jadi sempat bertegur sapa dan berkenalan (^_^)

bunga dan bunga dan bunga! 

tak sah kalau tak singgah ke Smoke House jika datang ke CH :)

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Azham Vsvc said...

Weh cantiknya! rasa nak ajak kawan2 bercuti kat Cameron Higlands la nanti :)

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